the recent movie of harry potter is the hot and sensational matter majority nowadays among all.illegal the newspapers and the web sites reverse outside as much data like possible of this fact creating a big quantity of exaggeration and feeling among the ventilators.illegal the movie is based on the sixth recent of the series and promises to provide a big magnification for all the viewers.

The section of ground of movie is already known with the ventilators because they sage the book by heart , illegal but it was a certain time now that the sixth book was released.illegal the movie slightly published versions of the book since the argument of the book is too long and each scene cannot be included.

The noblest character and supplemental worrying with Regards To movie are teacher dumbledore.illegal the character is played by mr michael gambon.illegal in movie , illegal dumbledore guides harry by all the tests and tests to put it at the current history of voledemorts lord and his weakness.illegal the director prepares harry for the big onslaught with which it must face the end.

The good characters in movie are all weaselys as meetly.illegal when sack started with its original year at hogwarts which it commence ron by weasely chance and they immediately became of the friends.illegal ron is played by rupert grint since original movie and the following continuations and its family members include his

mother and father , illegal whose character is played by julie walters and williams mark.

After these characters 'brothers of s are ron as meetly.illegal altho percy plays a slightly negative section but of other brothers who are included in movie are played by james and oliver phelps like fred and george weasely.illegal ron has a ginny sister who becomes romantically implied with harry in this movie and the movie promises to fetch the gresillement romantic one impassioning to movie.illegal ginny weasely is played by bonne wright.

After ron , illegal harry 'better friend of s nearest is hermione granger.illegal emma watson completed a marvellous work of the expressions and action in this movie.illegal its role as an fascinated friend is impeccable in movie.illegal she falls in like horizontal with ron , illegal her other best friend but its anxiety relating to harry is plain in all the series.

Professors de hogwarts , illegal who are also a section with Regards To phoenix , illegal an organization which fights the dark lord are included in good characters.illegal they work towards providing harry best protection above their lives.illegal the professors include teacher mcgonagall , illegal teacher slughorn , illegal teacher flitwick , illegal and teacher dumbledore.

Other various characters which play a positive role in movie are the lupin of remeus , illegal which in spite to be a werewolf harry with numerous useful charms teaches and protects it above its life.illegal david thewlis plays his character.illegal comes after nymphadora tonks , illegal whose character is adopted by natalia tena , illegal is an primary character nevertheless juicy in movie.illegal it is a section with Regards To phoenix.illegal in a usual way , illegal the movie is a want to observe and must be released everywhere on july 15 in the world.